Our Cases

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Our client was owed a substantial debt payable by a farming business. We commenced court action and obtained judgment against the farm business/debtor. The debtor hid assets and assigned himself into bankruptcy in order to avoid his creditors. We successfully applied to recover the proceeds of the sale of the assets. Our client recovered every penny owed.

Chiropractic Malpractice

Our client suffered a ruptured disc and long term injuries as a result of chiropractic manipulation. At trial, the Court found the chiropractor liable for not having properly informed the client of the treatment or the risks thereof and for not having taken sufficient care in his treatment of our client. This is one of only two successful cases that have been brought in Alberta for chiropractic malpractice.

Civil Rights

Following her arrival on an international flight,  our client was detained by the police after leaving Customs. Suspected of carrying drugs internally, she was taken to a hospital where she underwent internal searches, enemas, induced vomiting and x-rays. No drugs were found. She was released without charge. Our client was awarded significant damages following trial.


Our client retained a contractor to carry out a design build of a single use building for his successful business. During construction the contractor did not adequately take into account the underlying soil conditions which resulted in significant heaving and of attendant damage to the building following construction.  Our client was successful in negotiating a substantial settlement sufficient to cover its losses.

Fiduciary Obligations of Realtor / Developer

Our clients were a realtor and a developer who sued to recover commissions on a multi-million dollar acquisition of development lands. The defendants counterclaimed alleging a breach of fiduciary obligations by our clients.  Our clients prevailed at trial and in the Alberta Court of Appeal. Our clients recovered their commissions, interest and punitive costs payable by the defendants.

Fiduciary Obligations of Realtor / Developer 2

Our client is a developer active in Alberta and British Columbia. Our firm defended the developer in a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought by the limited partnership claiming dissatisfaction with its investment. This complex litigation involved issues surrounding the fiduciary obligations of the limited partner in complicated real estate investments. After a three-week trial before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the judge ruled in favour of our client, preserving its multi-million dollar investment, and ordered the unsuccessful limited partnership to pay our client’s legal costs.

Fraud / collections

Our client made a significant investment in off-shore securities. The directors of the investment company absconded with the principle invested and any profits. We commenced court action in Alberta and obtained what is believed to be the largest judgment ever obtained in Alberta.

Government negligence / breach of trust

Our client’s trust funds were stolen by his trustee. We launched a court action against the trustee and against the government authority responsible for the trustee’s activities. We obtained a judgment against the trustee for the full amount lost, plus interest and costs. We recovered in excess of $300,000.00 on behalf of our client.


Our client was a beneficiary under a group insurance policy held by her late husband. The insurer paid out under the policy without ever telling the widow of the amount of coverage her husband had applied for. Years later, when the amount applied for by her husband came to light, the insurer denied coverage and defended on the basis that the claim was out of time.  Our client obtained a significant award following trial. The trial judgment was upheld on appeal.

Intentional interference with economic interests

Our client is an Edmonton manufacturing company. It commenced manufacturing product in a market which was largely controlled by a single international supplier. The supplier took numerous steps to interfere with our client’s business in an effort to drive it out of business. We proceeded to trial and obtained a Judgment in favour of our client and more importantly, stopped the interference with our client’s business.

Interference with Economic Interests

Our clients were a group of casino advisors whose livelihood was interfered with by actions taken by a casino operator. Our clients sued for unlawful interference with their economic interests and were awarded significant damages following trial.

Mortgage / life insurance

Our clients were widows whose mortgage life insurance claims were rejected by their insurers after the deaths of their husbands. We made representations to the banks and the bank’s insurers on behalf of our clients. Our clients made full recovery under the insurance policies.

Public interest / environmental

Our client was concerned about the impact of a large scale, inappropriate development in a wilderness area. We made representations at the Development Appeal Board and Court of Appeal on behalf of our client. Permits for the development were denied by the Development Appeal Board and its decision was upheld on appeal by the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Stock Fraud

Our clients were the owners of patented technology. Through a series of complicated transactions, they sold their technology to a public corporation in exchange for shares in that public corporation. They were enthusiastic about the prospects of the development of their technology. Instead, the promoters of the company, through the use of various illegal strategies, sold our clients’ shares and drove the corporation into insolvency leaving the owners penniless. Settlements were reached with several of the involved parties prior to trial. At trial significant Judgments were obtained against the fraudster and a brokerage through which some of the shares had been sold.